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Travel to an Inhabited Island

Ever had fantasies of owning an island all to yourself? Maldives is perhaps the best place to make this dream come true even if it was for an hour or two. However, make sure you reserve a Maldives island resort to lodge in as you return from your island excursion, exhausted after your little adventure. Kuramathi Island harbours some of the most desirable Maldives villas designed to pamper its guests to the fullest, an ideal escape for the beach enthusiast in you. These lively lands chockfull of culture lay waiting to be explored, floating amongst the vibrant marine life that is typical of this part of the world. Nights are magical at these virgin corners, with only the starlight to be your guide.  Once in a while, tiny lights of phosphorescence gets washed up upon the shore, creating a fairy-like effect on the sands, embraced in plenty during the day. Embrace the colourful culture that is unique to the wonderful Maldives, roam among the locals and get a whiff of the spicy yet simple lives the Maldivians are famous for.

Jayani Senanayake is a writer who dabbles in travel and all things exotic. Under the pseudonym of Calliope Sage, she writes of the allures that must simply be discovered. Google+