Thrilling tour to Dudhsagar falls, off road

India is not only is a culturally diverse country but also a country that has endless things to offer to its explorers. Every state and city of India have something interesting and unique to speak of. One of the popular tourist states in India is Goa. Booking a beach resort in Goamay be your first step towards a holiday for making countless memories. Known famously for its hippie culture, Goa is considered to be one of the hubs for tourism in India. One of the attractions in Goa apart from the beaches is Dudhsagar falls.
The drive to the fall through the lush green jungles is an experience in itself. A wheel jeep ride is a perfect way to experience the jungle and head to the falls. Many hotels have in-house organised excursions or tours to make life easy for the foreigners. If you want to find out such packages offered by local hotels, the Alila Diwa Goa Official Site can be very informative.

dudhsagar falls | TripAdvisor
dudhsagar falls | TripAdvisor

The drive takes you to the Dhudsagar rivulets which are a spectacular view. The holding ponds of the falls are a great place to unwind and, feed the monkeys or take a stroll in the jungle nearby. The waterfalls name means “Ocean of milk”; it is the highest waterfall in Goa.
It is believed that a princess used to bathe in the falls and enjoy sugared milk that her maids brought to her , however, one day a prince was passing by and made his way to the ponds after hearing the chitter chatter from the ponds. The princess who was taken aback poured the jug of milk into the pond to cover her naked body that was visible through the clear waters. A miracle happened and the water turned frothy and white to her surprise. It is believed that from that day on the waterfall is supposed to have become milky and frothy.

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