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Thirparappu falls

The Thirparappu falls is a lustrous beauty that is adorned by a scenic backdrop. It is a place for tranquility and a place away from the world. The rush of the roaring water combined with the sound of chirping birds gives one an almost immaculate taste of nature. Take a day out and bask in this ambience; a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

The Thirparappu falls is a highlighted attraction in the Kanyakumari District. In addition to its breathtaking scenic appeal it is a mighty work of God. Expanding over 300 feet the falls is without doubt nothing short of majestic. The entire bed above the 50 feet fall is a large rocky mass that stretches to a quarter of a kilometre. Further up you can also find the famous weir that has been built to enable water supply to the paddy fields nearby. The Thirparappu water fall with its beautiful cascading veil is only one of the many attractions in the area. On the left side of the waterfall you can find a sacred temple dedicated to the mightiest of all Hindu deities; Lord Siva, surrounding the temple is a strong fortification that makes an attraction in itself. The temple is known as the Mahadevar kovil and is one of the 12 sivalayas. It is historical and was built in the 9th century AD. The rich legends surrounding the temple and the intricate Kerala architecture makes this a popular temple in the whole district. Thirparappus popularity has lead to recent developments of the surrounding area. The District administration has constructed a large swimming pool which is actually a God send when you travel with children.

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