The Ultimate Guide to Safe Snorkeling in the Maldives

Many water sports that you can try out while holidaying at one of the Maldives luxury resorts are quite safe. However, snorkelling (the one that seems so easy) is the sport that poses some minor threats for you.


Snorkel with an Expert

Shallow depths can often lull you into a false sense of safety. If you haven’t been snorkelling much, it would be best if you can tag along with a snorkelling expert. Calm waters may hide strong currents and these guides will help you avoid them.

Avoid Touching Marine Life

Well, you would certainly be mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the life beneath the waves while snorkelling during a holiday spent at a property such as Residence Maldives Falhumaafushi. But, make sure that you avoid touching these creatures as you never know what kinds of threats they may pose.

Coral | Image via Unspalsh

Use Well-Fitting Equipment

Make sure your snorkelling mask fits well. If it leaks or is too tight you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your snorkelling adventure.

Avoid Coral/ Rock Cuts

It is often advised that you shouldn’t step on corals as it would damage them and would be damaging to you in return. Make sure that you wear reef shoes and a thick wet suit in case you accidentally happen to step on or brush past them.