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The Phra Nang Princess Cave in Krabi – A Fascinating Attraction in Thailand

Many travellers simply visit the Phra Nang Beach to soak up the stunning Krabi scenery; however, some locals visit with the intention of making offerings to Phra Nang herself. Located close to many a hotel Ao Nang Krabi has to offer such as Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort, this cave is a must-visit attraction in the region.


The legend states that Phra Nang was a princess that was killed during a shipwreck. Another story states that she was the wife of a fisherman who got stranded on this island and whiled her time away awaiting her husband’s return.

Getting There

From Ao Nang Beach, you can board a longtail boat that will directly take you to Phra Nang Beach. It would cost around 200 Baht per person to complete the trip. A long-tail boat would usually wait until there are at least 8 passengers before departing to Phra Nang Beach.

Mark Fischer, Phra Nang BeachCC BY-SA 2.0

Offerings to Phra Nang

Nowadays, one can witness the local fishers making offerings such as flowers and incense asking for safe travel on the sea.

Cave of Fertility

Over the years, Phra Nang Princess Cave became associated with fertility and virility. Locals place wood carvings of phallic symbols that can be seen at the entrance of the cave.