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The Knuckles Forest Reserve

The Knuckles Mountain Range is located in the central highlands of Kandy and is a famous range of mountains that dissect the central province from the Matale District.

Image credit: flickr.com

A Biodiverse Hotspot

The Knuckles are considered a biodiversity hotspot and are situated at 3000 ft above sea level covering an area of 21 hectares. The range has five peaks: Kirigalpoththa, Gombaniya, Knuckles, Koboneelagala and Dotulugala.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The misty mountains were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in in 2009 after being declared a climate reserve in 1873. It is one of two UNESCO World Heritage nature sites in the country and is home to many Knuckles Sri Lanka hotels.

Climate and Weather

The climate in the Knuckles can range from very hot to freezing cold. During the season of January to March, there are instances of reported frost on the higher elevations.

Distinct Features

The Knuckles massif separates the hills of the Dumbara valley in a deep gorge. There are many picturesque waterfalls and several hiking trails each with their distinct features. Wild Glamping Knuckles is one of the ways you can choose to spend a comfortable hike in the mountains.

The Forest Reserve Diversity

The reserve has a list of 1033 species of plants of which 15% are endemic to the region. There are 128 species of birds, 31 species of mammals and 20 species of amphibians.