The Exhilarating Victoria Falls Gorge Swing – A New Relam of Heart-Pounding Excitement!

Victoria Falls, a natural wonder that needs no introduction, offers more than just breathtaking views. Amidst the roar of cascading waters, an exhilarating adventure awaits the bold-hearted. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled experience that is the Victoria Falls Gorge Swing!

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Not Your Usual Swing 

The “swing” you will find here is not your everyday playground variety; instead, it’s a swing that happens to be tied to a rope measuring 95 metres. You may say to yourself, sure, that sounds impressive but it’s not exactly daring. That’s true till you realise that the swing involves being suspended 120 metres above the Zambezi River! Amongst the most awe-inspiring things to do in Zambia and Zimbabwe, this activity is not for the faint-hearted.

Planning a Visit

The site where the Gorge Swing is located is on the Zimbabwe side of Vicotria Falls; that said, those staying at nearby Livingstone properties on the Zambian side such as Avani Victoria Falls Resort will be able to easily access it too. The experience is for around one hour and you can inquire about a tandem gorge swing option if interested. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, while loose footwear is a no-go, as the last thing you would want is for your shoes to take an unexpected plunge!

The Experience Itself 

The adventure begins with a climb up to the platform where you will be securely strapped into a harness. Don’t worry, you will also receive safety instructions from one of the experienced guides here before your leap. As your heart shifts gears and revs up the pace so to speak, take a leap of faith; prepare to plunge into the abyss, free-fall for about 70 metres, reach speeds of up to 180 km/h and then swing in a 95-metre pendulum motion. When experiencing it firsthand though, you will forget about all these numbers and just enjoy living life on the edge!

More Thrills Await

The adventure doesn’t end at the gorge swing and there are plenty more action-packed things to do in Victoria Falls. You can take to the skies on a helicopter or microlight flight, witnessing the falls from high above or brave wild rapids while white water rafting on the Zambezi River. For a mind-blowing experience, visit the Devil’s Pool on Livingstone Island and peer over the edge, though for the ultimate adrenaline rush, go bungee jumping off the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge!