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The Best Shipwrecks to Explore in the Maldives

While you may have heard of the many reefs to visit when diving in Maldives, there are captivating shipwrecks to explore as well, like those mentioned below.

Fesdu Wreck

Spanning a length of around 30 metres, the Fesdu Wreck is easily accessible from resorts in the Ari Atoll such as Kandolhu Maldives. This former fishing trawler now features various soft and hard corals and you can encounter fascinating marine life too be it longnose hawkfish, damselfish, clownfish, scorpionfish or octopuses.

Halaveli Wreck

Those based at resort villas in the Ari Atoll can also plan diving excursions to the Halaveli Wreck, a 38-metre cargo vessel. An ideal spot for evening or night diving, this wreck has some beautiful corals including on its mast, while moray eels, turtles, barracudas, surgeonfish, angelfish and stingrays may be spotted too.

The Shipyard

Located in the Lhaviyani Atoll, The Shipyard consists of two wrecks; while one lies on its side, the other is upright, adding to the allure of this dive site in Maldives. Soft and hard corals have formed on both wrecks, while divers have a chance to see grey reef sharks, nurse sharks, butterflyfish, Napoleon wrasse and moray eels.

The Victory Wreck

Also known as the Maldive Victory, this wreck near the airport in the North Male Atoll is well-known amongst the local diving community. A cargo ship, it lies at a depth of around 35 metres and is more suitable for experienced divers who can see colourful coral and may spot batfish, trevallies, lionfish, pufferfish and turtles.