Algarve Buggy Adventures – The Ultimate Portugal Adventure

Portugal is a land that is chock full of adventurous prospects as well as tremendous heritage. A great way to explore both of these at once is through an Algarve Buggy Adventure.

Dirt and Dust

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This is the most basic adventure in the various packages that are offered, and it consists of a short but unforgettable ride through the rugged Algarve countryside.

Cross Country
If you’re looking for a completely unforgettable experience then this is the one for you. Taking over a span of one night and two days, this tour takes you into the heart of regional culture, and involves a distance of more than 200km. The night will be spent in one of many Vilamoura hotels such as the Anantara Vilamoura Algarve Resort.

Safari Tour
If you wish to explore the real Algarve, then this 3-hour tour will allow you to explore the amazing scenery, take a dip in a river, and sample local products ranging from freshly prepared jams and liqueurs while discovering traditional villages.

Buggy Adventure
This is the most balanced of all the experiences, and provides a six-hour long experience where you can explore the Algarve mountains with their national parks and rivers, have lunch at an authentic restaurant in the hills, and visit villages such as Cortelha and Querenca.

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