Malaysia’s Rich History

Malaysia is a country full of culture and the wonders of an exotic civilization, including the peak of natural beauty, gorgeous historical architecture, and more simply waiting to be discovered. Proudly displaying this in the form of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the country is packed to the brim with excellent examples of the splendour of Mother Earth both made by man and naturally occurring.

Victoria Clock Tower Penang
Gryffindor, Victoria Clock Tower Penang Dec 2006 001, CC BY-SA 3.0

Melaka Heritage City

Sitting on the mouth of the Malacca River, Melaka City, sometimes spelt as Malacca City, is one of two historic cities that have earned a reputation and standing as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, due to the history of the city reaching back to the 14th Century. A Malay trading port that garnered influence and wealth, Melaka was the centre of an Islamic Sultanate, but little remains of this particular era today, as the city was soon conquered by a Portuguese armada in the 1500s and the colonial architecture is a great sight to see.

George Town Heritage City

The second of the two UNESCO heritage cities, the city of George Town lies further to the North, on the island of Penang off the coast of Malaysia. Founded by the historic East India Trading Company in the year 1786, there are many sights to see of the Colonial era, such as the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower, Fort Cornwallis, and more in the way of storefronts and residences. Consider visiting George Town from your Bukit Bintang hotel.

Mount Kinabalu

Located near the city of Kota Kinabalu on the island of Borneo, Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in Malaysia, earning its spot as a World Heritage Site. The climb is a dazzling experience, beginning in the beautiful lowland rainforest and eventually giving way to the more alpine shrubbery typical of mountain areas. The climb is not too difficult, and the sights are something to behold. The island is also within reasonable reach of the mainland, so you can plan ahead for your stay at a lodging like the Travelodge Bukit Bintang.

Gunung Mulu National Park

Within the Sarawak state of Malaysia lies Gunung Mulu Park, also located on the island of Borneo. An incredible landscape of limestone and dense jungle, Mount Mulu is host to an extensive cave system as well, the Clearwater Cave system which ranks 8th on the world’s longest cave systems. Much of the system remains unexplored, so you can even go on an adventure with the proper guides and resources.

A nature lover’s guide to the Malaysian rainforest

Move away from the bustle of the city and its complementing skyscrapers towards areas of this Southeast Asian nation that will take your breath away with the pleasures and pageantry on show.

anonymous, Kinabalu park HQ, CC BY-SA 3.0

Trek to Kinabalu Park

Cut through dense thickets while keeping your eyes peeled for sudden movements that are bound to fill your gaze at the picturesque Kinabalu Park. In fact, once you’re done basking in the company of hot springs, various species of ferns and orchids, and the forest canopy, toy with the thought of ascending the summit of Mount Kinabalu which rises to well over 4,000 meters in the air.

Retrace ancient times at Taman Negara, Pahang

A sense of isolation will follow your every step as you set foot within the pristine, prehistoric rainforests that cover Taman Negara, Pahang. With a proud history that dates back some 130 million years, the curious at heart will be met with the prospect of catching fleeting glimpses of the foliage with the aid of a simple, suspended rope bridge that cuts through the heart of the rainforest.

Marvel at the treasure trove which is Gunung Mulu National Park

Characterised by a dark green canopy that watches over every inhabitant that lives and breeds within Gunung Mulu National Park, the said attraction is a shimmering jewel that has won fame as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Home to one of the world’s largest limestone cave systems, the 53,000 hectares that scatter the Park is a thriving habitat of life and colour. These include 4,000 varieties of fungus, 1,500 species of flowering plants, 281 butterfly species, 262 kinds of birds, 75 mammal species, and a further 50 variants of reptiles.

Have the ride of a lifetime on the Kampar River

If you desire to pair the adrenaline-drenched pastime of whitewater rafting with exploring rainforests, then head straight for Kempar River in Perak. Once done, you can beeline back to the city and reside at Travelodge Bukit Bintang which is a modern hotel in Bukit Bintang KL.