The Lovers Leap

Trincomalee in Sri Lanka is already popular among tourists for being the destination housing the famous Hindu Temple ‘Koneswaram’. But that’s not the only attraction the city has, it also has the Lover’s Leap.

Lovers Leap
Lovers Leap | Image Credit : AntanO, Couple in Lover’s Leap – Trincomalee, CC BY-SA 4.0

The location

The Lover’s Leap is located in the town of Trincomalee which is already a tourist destination in Sri Lanka. With many great resorts, the likes of Trinco Blu by Cinnamon this destination is winning hearts of many; and attractions like this make them fall in love with the name ‘Tinco’- over and over again.

The story behind it

One of the main stories about this cleft comes from Ramayanaya. According to it, this cleft is made by king Ravana and that’s why some people used to call it ‘Ravana’s cleft’ as well.

Another story about this place

Another popular story is that a lady named Francina Van Reed dropped herself into the sea from here after losing her loved one. There are, however, some arguments refusing this belief- but it is a story left untold and unconfirmed in the history of Sri Lanka.

General instructions for your visit

You may get to this place by taxi or a tuk-tuk from your resorts in Trincomalee. And as this cleft is just a few meters away from the Koneswaram Temple, so you may admire both of them at once.