Watching dolphins and whales play with waves

Yoko Ono once said, “Imagine a dolphin dancing in the sky. Let it dance with joy. Think of yourself at the bottom of the ocean watching”. As much as any of us would love to be able to do that, sadly we humans aren’t so lucky. So, the only option we’ve got is to watch them at Port Stephens.

Why Port Stephens?

Tomaree Peninsula.Port Stephens NSW | Image via flickr

Perfect cobalt blue waves fringed with snow-white foam crashing onto the rocky headlands is a sight to behold on its own. However, what will truly mesmerize you is the magnificent sight of whales and dolphins swimming through those waves like graceful, aquatic dancers. What makes Port Stephens even more special is that it’s home to over 140 bottlenose dolphins!

How to get here?

Port Stephens is located in New South Wales, Australia. Backed by giant white sand-dunes, this is the perfect location to come and forget all your concerns. It’s a picturesque 2hours and 30min drive from Sydney but if you’re flying the Newcastle airport is only 30 mins away from Port Stephens and Nelson Bay.

Where to stay?

There are a plethora of luxurious hotels and cozy places to stay and enjoy your relaxing vacation in this beautiful coastal town. If you’re concerned about health and safety during these times, Nelson Bay hotels offer self-contained accommodation such as the Oaks Nelson bay Lure Suites. You can have the most relaxing, safe holiday without having to cut back on time or comfort.

Who to look out for?

The rocky coastal headlands make for the perfect viewing decks from the shore, but you can easily get a cruise and sail away with your loved ones to meet the friendly whales and dolphins up close. You can see humpbacks and bottlenose dolphins and even go swimming with them during the warmer months to really feel like a part of the pod!

Explore Port Stephens’ Breathtaking Coastline Along with a Whale-watching Trip – Enjoy Amazing Experiences

Port Stephens is where one can discover a mélange of amazing beaches. It’s also where one can enjoy whale and dolphin-watching cruises and even go parasailing over its glistening blue waters.

Image via rawpixel


Apart from its whale-watching adventures, Port Stephens is also popular for its 26 beaches, with some sheltered in bays to offer splendid swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking opportunities for families. The Stockton sand dunes, easily reachable from Nelson Bay hotels the likes of Oaks Nelson Bay Lure Suites are incredible for horse riding and quad-biking.

Whale Watching

There’s a number of ways to enjoy whale watching in the gorgeous Port Stephens; these range from coastal lookouts to whale-watching cruises. In addition to marvelling at the amazing acrobatics of these majestic mammals, one can also have fun watching the playful antics of over 100 bottlenose dolphins that call this region their own.

Best Time to Go Whale-watching

A great number of humpback and southern right whales migrate annually to and from warm waters. And tourists will be able to spot these gigantic, yet graceful marine creatures should they visit Port Stephens between May and November.

How to Spot Whales

Moonshadow – TQC Cruises and Imagine Cruises offer great whale and dolphin watching facilities. Visiting Tomaree National Park will also provide an easy lookout to spot pods of whales.