A solo travelers guide to the Maldives

Go on a dolphin cruise

How about going on a sunset dolphin cruise to get up close to the gentle dolphins? The variety and the richness of marine creatures in Maldives attract many a tourist from all around the world each year. There are more than 700 different species of marine creatures swimming around atolls and stunning coral reefs.

diving  | Image by Benjamin L. Jones via Unsplash


Scuba diving

You can explore the underwater wonders at a leisurely drift pace! Numerous deserted and isolated islands offer a wonderful playground for all leisure scuba divers. You are more likely to sport Napoleon Wrasses, the magnificent Manta Rays, lots of pelagic fishes and the very rare Whale Shark! This is an incredible thing to do in Maldives if you are holidaying at one of the many Maldives spa hotels the likes of Kurumba Maldives.

Glorious Sunsets

What better way to witness the unrivalled beauty of this island paradise than soaking up a stunning sunset view! Just lie down on the beach or go on a dolphin-watching sunset cruise to take in a golden hour. At the coming of the dusk, the island comes alive with fiery reds, vibrant oranges, and reds.


Undoubtedly one of the top reasons to visit Maldives!  These sparkling blue oceans are perfect not only for honeymooners but also for all leisure travellers who seek a soothing holiday. In order to make the best of your beach holiday, try to visit Maldives from December to April when the humidity is low.