Visit the City of Da Nang to Witness a Fire-Breathing Dragon – Myths come to life in Da Nang

Da Nang city is well known for the stunning Dragon bridge that brings together visitors from the neighbouring suburbs as well as the visitors who enjoy the night-time view of the city skyline.

How is the Dragon Bridge constructed?

Iron and concrete combine to form the bridge, which has six lanes to accommodate the high volume of traffic. Roughly half a mile long, with a span of about 40 yards, the bridge is made up of 8,000 tonnes. What makes this bridge so unique? It can change colour, breathe fire, and even change its shape!

The story behind the bridge

Over 85 million dollars was spent on constructing the Dragon Bridge, an American-designed monument, to commemorate the 38th anniversary of the Vietnam War’s end. Da Nang’s port city has slowly transformed into a new commercial and cultural hub since it finally launched in 2013.

When to visit the bridge

If you are on any Hoi An travel and are onboard The Vietage, you will have the stunning opportunity to enjoy a unique perspective on this landmark in all its glory.

Christophe95, Dragon Bridge at night 8, CC BY-SA 4.0

Another layer to the Dragon Bridge

In addition to facilitating mobility between Han River districts, the bridge’s goal was to attract tourists. The dragon has been a beloved symbol of the Far East since ancient times, and this useful piece of art is a tribute to that tradition.

Hoi An Motorbike Adventures

Anyone who enjoys riding motorcycles will be delighted by the opportunities on offer in the central region of Vietnam. Starting out from Hoi An, the traveller will be able to traverse the exceedingly picturesque and tranquil landscapes of Central Vietnam, which are truly magical areas to explore. Visitors will be able to join the tours conducted by reputed specialists who will provide the necessary equipment and guidance. However first it would be important for one to choose a place to be based at. Hoi An hotels would serve as excellent venues to come home to and in particular Anantara Hoi an Resort with its well equipped rooms should definitely be considered.

The sheer diversity of the terrain and the spectacular sights on offer make this area an adventure and outdoor lover’s dream. Even if you opt for a single day’s excursion from the town of Hoi An, you will have the opportunity to observe different delightful vistas. You will traverse coastal flood plains filled with paddy fields, crossing tranquil rivers and verdant rainforests, exploring the pristine unsullied countryside of Vietnam.

Participants will be able to make their way through the country’s centrally located highlands which are inhabited by people of ethnic minorities. The amazing roads found here may be counted amongst the most scenic and attractive anywhere in the world, sweeping and winding their way through mountains and valleys. Every turn and bend will bring yet more breathtaking and mesmerizing vistas to your eyes, filling your senses with sheer pleasure and contentment. If you desire tranquil solitude, you will be delighted by this environment, as other motorists will be few and far between. Travellers who prefer the silent majesty of pristine rainforests will be spellbound by the verdant terrain, wreathed by the clinging mountain mists.

This part of Vietnam also boasts its share of manmade attractions, from rustic farming communities to fascinating remnants of ancient civilizations and even sites of conflict and battle. Part of the allure of this mesmeric environment is the amazing variety of terrains and road conditions. Visitors will have the chance to negotiate secluded back streets, swooping bends and switchbacks as well as muddy gravel tracks. The motorcycle enthusiast and even the general sightseer will find this to be the adventure of a lifetime.

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Biking in Hoi An

Set amidst historic sites and a picturesque countryside, the ancient city of Hoi An in Vietnam is a wonderful destination to explore by bike. Before embarking on your pedal powered adventures however, look to find a centrally located Hoi An hotel from which you can easily access the city. Anantara Hoi An Resort is an accommodation option worth considering and is a well placed Hoi An spa resort that is ideally positioned along the Thu Bon River banks.

The Hoi An countryside is a great place to explore by bike and the ancient pagodas, quaint villages and scenic rice fields you will come across on your journey of discovery, offer a unique insight into the region’s rich heritage. Bike tours are available and not only offer the needed gear, but guides as well who will take you to some of the best areas that can be seen by bike. Part of the fun is cycling to local villages where you can stop and mingle with locals, shop at a market and just enjoy a laidback way of life.

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Places to see in Hoi An

Hoi An is a charming little enclave of culture and history, nestled in Vietnam’s south central coast. Here you will encounter ample smiles, iconic history, and fun shopping for a delightful experience of Vietnamese culture. Hoi An accommodation options won’t leave you wanting for quality and visitors should sample a luxury Hoi An hotel in the region, one of which comes in the form of the Anantara Hoi An Resort. This elite riverfront property features luxury that expertly blends tradition with modernity for a world-class hospitality experience. Explore Hoi An’s world of eclectic attractions, which range from historically impressive to locally interesting. Hoi An’s old town is a UNESCO World heritage Site, as it is one of the best preserved examples of a Southeast Asian port of trading spanning the 15th-19 centuries. The site is best experienced via walking, and visitors will get the chance to witness the beautiful 18th century Japanese Covered Bridge, a splendid example of Japanese architecture, and the impressive Quan Kong temple, built in the early 17th century to honour a famous general of the Chin Dynasty. Shopaholics will be overwhelmed by the sheer choices of cheap shopping available in the city, especially concentrated in the areas of Hai Ba Trung, Phan Chu Trinh and Hoang Dieu.

But don’t be tempted to lavish all your spending money on one place; ignore the frantic pressure to buy and keep walking; you’ll find better alternatives elsewhere. Try and buy a unique item from each shop; a pair of pants from one, a skirt from another, for variety. You’ll also delight in the treasure houses filled with unique handmade pottery, jewellery, furniture, quilts, embroidered sheets, the list goes on. One intriguing option is Hoa Nhap Handicrafts, which employs local and disabled craftsmen and women who create some beautiful pieces. Hoi An is truly a unique locale home to an eclectic array of experiences that beg exploration.