Festivals in Bali

Bali is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Asia. It has a perfect setting of beaches, lovely tropical weather and warm Indonesian hospitality which lures thousands of tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

Bali is also home to most of the minority Hindus of Indonesia and therefore this island is the perfect place to experience the local culture, which is a combination of Hindu and Indonesian traditions.

Throughout the year the island features a range of festivals. Dances and religious rites are part of Balinese day to day life; every religious element, every significant part of their lives, and all what Mother Nature has offered them, are a good enough reason for them to celebrate.

Most of the festivals are about their own lives. From the birth of a child, throughout the life, all the cherished moments such as marriage, until death, each event is a reason for celebration. Then there are the religious festivals. Special prayers, parades, fasting ceremonies and other events at the temple are also celebrated with passion. Some of the religious events also include deity anniversaries, harvest festivals and blood sacrifices.

The most significant religious celebration is the Odalan. This celebrates the founding of the temple and lasts a couple of days, sometimes even up to a week. The temples are beautifully decorates with flags, palm leaves and flowers. Generally this also involves a colourful parade, various ceremonies, all ending with a big feast.

One festival tourists cannot afford to miss is the Nyepi. This celebrates the new lunar year which is usually March or April for the Balinese. Nyepi is the day after the Melasti which involves a lot of festivities. On the day of Nyepi everybody has to remain silent throughout the day. No body works, travels, or does anything else. It is just a day for staying in and relaxing!

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