Diving in North Ari Atoll

While the Maldives offers plenty of fantastic dive sites for you to explore, one area that is well worth heading to is the North Ari Atoll. Those in search of Maldives diving resorts that offer easy access to some of these spots can opt to stay at Kandolhu Island. This luxurious Maldives resort has a Dive School that provides PADI certification as well as organising diving tours and night dives too.

Look to explore the underwater worlds that lie beneath the waters of the North Ari Atoll where one will come face to face with a vivid array of marine life both great and small. Hafusa Thila is a site that one can visit as is the Fesdu Wreck which is a 30 metre fishing trawler that has sunk and that houses an artificial reef. Also of note is Ukulhas Thila which is well known for its manta rays that can be spotted especially from December to March, snappers and moray eels. Other fish species one can come across when diving in North Ari Atoll include batfish, lionfish, cleaner wrasse and blue fish.

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