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Surfing in Ahangama

Image Credit | Cantaloupe Levels
Image Credit | Cantaloupe Levels

The tropical island of Sri Lanka; complete with soft sands and sunny beaches are the perfect setting for your island vacation. Ahangama is located about 20 minutes from this quiet town of Unawatuna, a popular tourist destination on the island, so if you’re staying at a hotel such as Cantaloupe Levels, you can easily get to Ahangama! With a number of options for a hotel in Unawatuna, you’ll be able to find one to suit your specific budget and style.

Most parts of Ahangama beach is known to be ideal for experienced or intermediate surfers as the waves are quite large and regular, but there are some parts of the beach which are perfect for beginners. With many surf schools and surfing camps around, you can get your beginners lessons before heading out to ride some amazing waves in Sri Lanka!

If you don’t have your board, there are plenty of surf rental spots around the golden shores where you can rent a good sturdy surf board to cruise the glittering waters of the Indian Ocean. When you’re done surfing, make sure to hydrate and fill your belly up with some island delights. King coconut is known to refresh and replenish instantly and is the best thing to indulge in after an exhausting day of paddling out to the big blue and riding the warm waves. With many restaurants in the area, you can also grab a quick bite to eat or make your way back to your hotel for some rest and relaxation.

The beaches in southern Sri Lanka are best known for being popular with surfers and snorkelers. Therefore if you’re looking for a relaxing activity after a day surfing, rent a pair of snorkels and explore the colourful variety of marine creatures swimming around the lively reefs in the south.

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