Step into a World of Illusions – Art in Paradise Pattaya for the Creative at Heart

Known for alluring shorelines that captivate one’s soul, Pattaya is Thailand’s beloved city for tropical vacations. While an ideal tropical vacation would be inclusive of aquatic adventures, art lovers are now able to step away from the routine holiday and explore the first 3D museum in Thailand.

Catered for All Age Groups

Art in Paradise is located only a 9-minute ride away from properties like Avani Pattaya Resort and is easily reachable from most Pattaya resorts. Therefore, if your family vacation could use a dose of artistic exploration, Art in Paradise is your child-friendly space. Spend 2-3 hours in a spacious and air-conditioned room to pose for a series of pictures with the whole family. Be sure to remove all footwear prior to entering, and also to get a taste of some of the refreshments at the exit.

Photo by form PxHere

Multi-Dimensional Paintings

Traverse through a series of multi-dimensional paintings that lets you capture moments with creatures of the wild charging out of paintings, hanging on trees, and sitting on logs. The illusions created by paintings on the wall will almost make you believe that the creations are anything but paint brush strokes. So why not snap some memories with these marvellous works of art?

A Journey in 3D

While the venue is separated into sections that depict optical illusions, nature and ancient civilisations, one particular aspect of Art in Paradise was even featured in TIME Magazine. Some of the artworks that were displayed can be identified as feeding fish to a dolphin that is swimming out of a painting, a giant octopus, handing toilet paper to an elephant on a toilet seat, and many more.

Art Dedicated to Nature

Among the unique and realistic artworks that you will walk across are some that are dedicated to nature. These are an escape attempt from a crocodile, a stare from a meerkat in the Savannah, pushing a rhino back into the painting, along with many others. Why not pay a visit to this artistic haven for a more meaningful vacation?