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Sri Lankan Elephant Safaris

One of the activities that Sri Lanka’s tourism industry and several Sri Lanka resorts offer is elephant safaris. For all of you who love elephants, elephant safaris are sure to be a treat. A safari through the mysterious jungles and beautiful open spaces of Sri Lanka is exciting enough, and the experience only gets better when you are on a safari in search of the majestic elephant.

The Heritage of Elephant and Man in Sri Lanka

Since the ancient times, the elephant was closely linked to the day-to-day life of Sri Lanka. So much so that the elephant is a symbol of great value and is featured prominently in Sri Lankan art and literature. Thus, the elephant is a creature that inspires wonder and amazement in Sri Lankans, and the same is true of the many tourists that visit Sri Lanka with the intention of witnessing elephants.

Elephant Safaris

Elephant safaris are always exciting as it is not always easy to spot the large herds of elephants, which is rather strange given the size of the animal and its herd. But with the help of a guide you will be, more often than not, be able to witness the herds of wild elephants as they feed or gather near the watering hole to bathe, drink water, or just escape the heat. Witnessing these amazing herds is truly a wonderful experience as you will see the close bonds the elephants have with each other, and their fascinating mannerisms.

The Best Places for Elephant Safaris

Habarana is the undisputed location for elephant safari’s in Sri Lanka, as the unique terrain which is perfect for elephants makes it a great place for elephant safaris. Plus, with resorts such as Cinnamon Lodge Habarana in the area, accommodation is also not an issue. The Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks are also great for elephant safaris.