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Snorkelling Sites in Maldives

If your ideal holiday involves exploring an underwater world full of colour, life and mystery, then snorkelling in Maldives is just the thing for you. One of the easiest ways to experience such adventures is to stay at resorts in Maldives which organise snorkelling excursions. Maafushivaru Maldives is just such an option which features snorkel safaris to a variety of reefs.

The Maldives has a range of snorkelling sites that provide intrepid snorkelers with hours of adventure and exploration and a chance to see everything from stingrays to sweetlips and sharks to surgeonfish. Vadinolhu Kandu is a great spot for snorkelling and features whitetip reef sharks, eagle rays and fusiliers. Those heading to the Rakeedhoo reefs can view hump head parrot fish and blue-fin jacks, while tuna, snappers and manta rays can be seen when snorkelling in Vattaru Atoll. For a unique experience try night snorkelling at sites such as Fahala Reef where octopuses and whale sharks inhabit the waters.

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