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Seaplane Photo Flights

While parasailing may provide a thrilling view of Maldives from up high, those looking for a truly spectacular bird’s eye view of the islands should look to take seaplane photo flights. Travellers in search of luxury hotels Maldives has to offer that will help to organise such excursions can stay at Kurumba Maldives. One of the leading Maldives resorts it features luxurious accommodation and lets you enjoy unforgettable views by seaplane of the North Male Atoll.

Since seaplanes can take off and land on water, you have a great opportunity to view these islands from rather unique vantage points. On your journey of discovery you will get a chance to enjoy a whole new perspective of the dazzling blues that abound as far as the eyes can see. On this tour you can observe the rich tapestry of nature that is the Maldives; coral formations beneath the waves, scenic lagoons, idyllic stretches of beach drenched in the sun and if you are luck, even glimpse dolphins playfully frolicking in the waters.