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Safaris at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Looking to spot wildlife away from restricting and often artificial zoo environments? Then plan a safari to Yala National Park in Sri Lanka and look forward to an unforgettable adventure!

Image credit-Pixabay,taraneha ,CC0

Getting to the Park

The main entrance is in Palatupana which is around 305 km from the commercial capital, Colombo. While you will need a 4WD vehicle, the park does offer jeeps and guides too. When it comes to planning a Yala safari in Sri Lanka, wildlife tours are amongst the options worth considering since your transport and accommodation are taken care of.

Majestic Leopards

One of Yala’s main allures is the fact that it is home to the highest leopard density on the planet! Be it on special wildlife drives or photographic leopard safaris from tour specialists like Nature Odyssey, there are many adventures to see these majestic predators. Early morning and late afternoon are generally the best times for such safaris.

Animal Highlights

Of course, as you travel around Yala be on the look-out to spot other wildlife too; you may see a sloth bear ambling along the road, elephants socialising in a herd, spotted deer leaping through the foliage, water buffaloes basking in the sun or mugger crocodiles in search of a meal!

Amazing Avifauna

Birdwatching enthusiasts have much to look forward to since Yala is home to endemic and migratory species. Having a guide or bird guidebook will help to identify these many varieties; they include the grey heron, great stone plover, painted stork, serpent eagle, Sri Lankan Junglefowl and the Sri Lanka grey hornbill.