Perfect holidays are made of cotton candy lips and Ferris wheels

“Treat life like a Ferris Wheel ride… You must get past the fear to enjoy the view” – Linda Poindexter. If you’re afraid of heights, let’s keep that aside for now because the Wheel of Brisbane is too good to miss! Here’s why.

How The Wheel came to be

This striking structure that stands out from Brisbane’s skyline was built in 2008 as a part of the 20th anniversary of Expo 88. Since then, it’s been a major attraction among tourists and locals alike because there’s no other place like it in the city that has gorgeous, unblemished 360 views.

Getting there

Just as the wheel is super easy to spot from afar, it’s easy to get there too. You can easily find comfortable and luxurious accommodation in the city of Brisbane. Hotel deals offer great discounts and weekend offers for you and your family to have the perfect staycation or weekend getaway! If you stay in a hotel like Oaks Brisbane on Charlotte Suites, the Wheel is simply a 6min cycle ride.

Why is this ride so fun?

Do you need another excuse apart from the 60-meter liftoff and a heart-dropping halt in a glass gondola at the very top? If adrenaline is not your thing, then the breathtaking views of all of Brisbane are what makes this ride to amazing. The Wheel is open from 10 AM to 10 PM allowing visitors to visit at any time. The egalitarian and safe glass gondolas are designed to offer you the best viewing experience and the lights during the day and sunset really allow you to see everything up to the horizon.

Added features and VIP gondolas

VIP Gondolas in Ferris Wheel,Brisbane | Image via Unsplash

Each gondola holds up to 8 people and 600Kg in weight and is equipped with climate control and a high-quality audio system that narrates what you see. The entire ride lasts up to 15mins leaving you with that pleasant-high feeling. You can also book a special VIP gondola to celebrate your personal special occasions or to woo that special someone in your life. These hold up to 4 people and are perfect for viewing fireworks on NYE.