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Kandooma Thila Diving Site

Located close to the South Male Atoll is a popular site with divers: the Kandooma Thila, with an exciting descent and abundant marine life that is sure to be a treat to capture from behind the lens. It’s best if you check into one of the fine Maldives resorts that will make this dive happen with all the logistical details taken care of, from setting you up with diving equipment to a dive guide who will walk you through the process for optimum safety. One of the best luxury hotels Maldives has on offer is the Kurumba Maldives which specializes in organizing all manner of underwater excursions for a truly unforgettable vacation. Venture into the tar-drop shaped Kandooma Thila and discover another world of underwater delights. Heralded as one of the most exciting dives in the South Male Atoll, its western and northern section afford the most stunning views, toping at 16 metres. Jack corner, the northwestern niche, features a cave at a depth of 23 metres chock full of soft coral, populated by dreamy-eyed trevally, startling red bass, elegant tunas and fearsome barracudas. On the western corner, you’ll encounter several large rock outcrops carpeted by brightly-hued soft corals. Keep your eyes peeled for reef sharks and eagle rays, and the site’s highlight: large green turtles peacefully swimming along the reef’s edge.


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