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Hiking in Emeishan

Known for its rich culture and stunning natural landscapes, Emeishan provides an idyllic getaway in southwest China perfect for those who love hiking. Travellers in search of well placed Emeishan hotels from which to head off on their adventures will be hard pressed to find one with a better location than Anantara Emei Resort & Spa, China. This Sichuan hotel is conveniently situated in the foothills of Emei Mountain which is an ideal place to embark on hiking excursions.

Steeped in history, Emei Mountain is in fact home to a wide range of ancient temples and monasteries set amidst awe-inspiring backdrops featuring picturesque waterfalls, trees and lush greenery that make hiking here all the more memorable. As you explore this area look to head to such sites of interest as the Wan-nian Monastery, the Leiyin Monastery and Jiu Lao Cave. Not to be missed is a visit to the Golden Summit which apart from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its towering golden Buddha statue and the spectacular views of what is known as the sea of clouds. Hikers looking for a change of scenery can also make their way to Exiu Lake where one can soak up the rich natural heritage of Emeishan.

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