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Helpful and Amazing Shenzhen Facts for Travelers

Reviving from its past being a region of fishing towns 40 years back, Shenzhen is now the 7th biggest city in China and a major tourist destination. Read on to know more facts.

Shenzhen| Img by: SSDPenguin via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY 3.0

The transformation over the years

Until Shenzhen received a special economic administrative status in 1980, it was just a region of swamps and fishing villages. In the late 1970’s it’s population increased by 19.5 million people and most of the villages got urbanized. Now it has become China’s 7th largest city in terms of urban area.

Splendid Cantonese cuisine

When you come to Shenzhen and don’t savour a popular Cantonese cuisine dish, then you have made a huge mistake. For instance, Dim Sum is the top pick for mid-day snacks and meals. If you like to eat like a local, try out a dish like congee which is a common breakfast food here. Also, don’t forget to entice your taste buds with a variety of flavoursome Chinese dishes.

China’s richest city

Shenzhen is known as Mainland China’s richest city with a per capita income of 26,000 USD but still, it couldn’t surpass Hong Kong. It is a hotspot among foreign buyers across the world as well. The city itself is filled with many top-notch accommodations like Somerset Grandview Shenzhen which features some of the leading furnished apartments in Shenzhen.

Theme parks

After mountains and beaches, tourists are mostly drawn for theme parks. Shenzhen is home to some to some of the best theme parks like Window of the World, China Folk Culture Village, Happy Valley, and Splendid China.



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