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Ha Long Bay Cruise in Style

Meaning the “Descending Dragon” in the Sino-Vietnamese dialect, Ha Long Bay is a beautiful destination that’s perfect for cruise and stay holidays. Here is a guide to help you get the best out of your experience here.

Trekking Travel's Asia Cruise in Halong bay.
Trekking Travel’s Asia Cruise in Halong bay  via Wikimedia Commons


The bay is situated on the North East of the country, about 3-4 hours away from the capital Hanoi. The area designated as a World Natural Heritage Site consists of 434 square kilometers including 775 islets.


If the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site doesn’t convince you to visit this heavenly getaway, do some research on travel guides like The Luxury Travel Channel and you’ll want to pack your bags right away! One of the most beautiful of luxury holiday destinations in Vietnam and in the world, Ha Long Bay has an impressive collection of sights and things to do. Some of them are the thousands of limestone isles and karsts that you’ll see in various shapes and sizes.

A Cruise To Remember

Cruising in Ha Long Bay in a traditional junk boat is the most popular activity among the majority of the 6 million travellers that visit the bay every year. Do some research on the types of tours before you go as they vary from say trip cruises to 2, 3 or 4-day cruises.

Much more than just “messing about in boats”

There’s more to do that just cruising around in Ha Long Bay. You can go island hopping and discover the beauty of Cat Ba Island and others. Go diving and be blown away by the breathtaking range of underwater wonders that range from colourful coral reefs to kaleidoscopic schools of fish.

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