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Gems in Maldives

Blessed with soft sandy beaches, secluded palm fringed islands, azure waters and thrilling water sports, the Maldives offers hours of fun in the sun for young and old alike. The islands that make up the Maldives are ideal for a romantic getaway, thrilling family holiday or even a journey of self discovery, set amidst stunning natural beauty. Those who can tear themselves away from the beach will also find that the county affords plenty of shopping opportunities especially if you are interested in purchasing gems and precious stones.

When you go shopping for gemstones in Maldives you will come across two varieties; natural gems and those that have been created synthetically. While synthetic gems have the same physical properties of natural ones, they often do not possess the unique colours of their natural counterparts. Always ask and make sure which kind you are purchasing. Another factor worth considering is whether the gemstones have been treated or not. Treatments change such elements as colour and clarity and these gems require special and expert care. You will also find imitation gems made from such materials as glass or plastic.

The country is also a great place to buy diamonds. When shopping for them, make sure to consider such factors as clarity, colour, cut and carat. Those looking to add to their fashion accessories can also purchase pearls when on holiday here. Naturally grown pearls or cultured pearls as they are known, are taken from molluscs or oysters, while it is possible to buy imitation products that have been made using plastic or glass. The country also has a rich tradition in jewellery making; traditional jewellery was typically made by blacksmiths and includes such items as golden bracelets and necklaces.

Once having done your share of gem shopping head back to luxurious accommodation offered by such resorts as Anantara Veli Maldives. It offers charming over water Maldives bungalows set amidst idyllic coastal landscapes and provides an ideal rest in which to get away from it all. This Maldives resort also has a spa where you can benefit from a range of treatments and therapies that offer true healing for mind, body and soul amidst true peace and tranquillity.