Fun Things to do in Tioman

Lying 20 miles off the east coast of Malaysia is the beautiful Tioman Island. The island is covered in forests and hardly inhabited. Today, Tioman Island is an attractive tourist destination thanks to the exotic coral reefs off its coast, water sporting activities and many other exciting things to do on the island.

For those who share a passion for the great blue waters of the ocean, Tioman Island’s untouched reefs boast an array of beautiful exotic marine life which offer great exotic undersea adventures. As a bonus when on holiday for more than five days in Tioman, the Island issues a diving license for a much affordable price of about thousand Ringgits than the main Island itself. As a tourist, it is always good to have a local diving expert accompanying diving sessions to help guide you through the underwater terrain. As such it would be advisable to partner with a reliable Tioman resort such as the Berjaya Tioman Resort which offers the services of good diving experts.

Travellers can proceed to watch turtles being born! The Juara Turtle Hatchery where little turtle eggs are carefully protected and hatched creates a whole new experience for holiday goers! This centre helps foster four of the seven species of turtles in the world. They come in all different sizes and shapes and one is able to closely observe how the Juara project strives to help in the survival of these endangered exotic animals.

Fishing in Tioman is perhaps one of the most enjoyable, for those who know the art and would love to catch some tropical fish. All it takes is having the right gear and enthusiasm, besides, there are no restrictions on fishing in the waters of Tioman.

Trekking in the tropical forest is a must do when on the island. Within close proximity from the Paya beach, one can experience the lush greenery and the gushing of noisy streams while visitors pay special attention to the mangrove trees endemic to this part of the world. It is worthwhile to note the fascinating fauna and flora while trekking through a biologist’s treasure trove!

The pristinely breathtaking waters along the Salang Sayang beach is a haven for all marine life thriving in shallow waters and in return offers travellers exciting snorkelling expeditions. The tropical sea of Tioman island is the habitat of the many beautiful species of fish and crustaceans who put on an exuberant underwater show!

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