Explore Under the Sea in Caribbean

The Caribbean conjures up scenes of paradise found where pristine beaches and palm laden lands lie interspersed on an azure canvas that is as delicate as it is breathtaking. As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for honeymooners and beach lovers this intriguing corner of the world has always been a hotbed of activity for water sports lovers all year round as the Caribbean oceans are also regarded among the world’s finest surfing venues.

Littered with stunning rock formations, abundant marine life and ancient shipwrecks, what lies beneath the Caribbean waters is just as intriguing as what lies above with rainbow-hued species and breathtaking corals occupying a submerged wonderland. One need not be an experienced diver to explore this captivating fantasyland under the sea as the tour operators in the Caribbean offer visitors a number of ways to get up close and personal with the brilliant marine heritage of the country.

A glass bottom boat excursion is often described as one of the easiest methods to explore the Caribbean sea bed as one need not even know how to swim to view the spectacular scenes of multihued coral lying beneath the surface. The glass bottomed ocean vessel takes visitors across several islands of the Caribbean in a cruise that can last up to several hours. The Atlantis Submarine is also on hand for more adventurous visitors and a typical tour takes passengers hundreds of feet beneath the ocean surface across much of the Caribbean including Grand Cayman, Aruba, St. Thomas, Barbados and Cozumel.

Helmet diving is another unique way to explore the underwater surface as anyone aged 5-85 can don the special helmet and climb down to the ocean floor using a ladder to walk among schools of fish and corals that lie between 10-12 feet below the waves. Avid snorkelers and scuba divers can also take a tour of the underwater wonderland the old fashioned way with diving gear rented from innumerable rental services on the beachfront and via hotels. Courses on scuba diving and snorkeling are also available at many hotels and diving schools in the islands.

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