Explore the Chu Chi Tunnels

A day at the Cu Chi Tunnels is considered one of the best things you could do during your stay at a hotel Hanoi has to offer such as Pan Pacific Hanoi. Combined with a visit to the nearby War Remnants Museum, it also makes for a great learning experience.


Chu Chi Tunnel Entrance|Image by Lars Curfs (Grashoofd) via Wikimedia Commons,CC BY-SA 3.0 NL

The Cu Chi tunnel network spans across an extensive network of underground tunnels, running as far as toward the Cambodian border. It was built over two decades and its construction was commissioned in 1948. The tunnels were originally intended to pass communication between villages and help the locals evade French soldiers.

Tunnels to Visit

At present, only two sets of tunnels can be visited by the public – Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc sections. The former served as Cu Chi District Party Committee’s base while the latter also served as headquarters.

Getting Around

There are several options when it comes to getting to these tunnels from Saigon – motorbike, speedboat, car, or bus are several of them.

Things to Do

As you enter the caves, you will be shown a video detailing the lives of the Viet Cong and locals who lived nearby during the war. After that, you can see the exhibits, take photos, explore traps, and even shoot a gun!