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Explore the Amazing City of Moranbah, Queensland – A relaxing adventure in a young coal-mining town!

Located in the heart of Queensland, the young city of Moranbah began as a settlement for coal miners. Today, its quaint, rustic charm attracts both tourists and locals alike.

Image via pixabay

Big Red Rhino Bucket

Visitors to Moranbah are welcomed to the city by a life-size red Rhino bucket, regarded by locals as a symbol of the city’s coal mines. If you are staying in properties in the heart of Moranbah, service apartments the likes of Oaks Moranbah Suites conveniently provide access to Federation Walk, a 1km walk culminating in the Big Red Rhino Bucket.

Town Square Park

The Town Square Park is home to intriguing works of art in Moranbah. Visitors, both young and old, can spend their time leisurely at the fascinating musical playground featuring a musical table, chair and, railway tracks. A must-see attraction is the Bridled Nail-Tail Wallaby Statue, a sandstone sculpture created by Adriaan Vanderlugt.

Coalface Gallery

Arts and crafts enthusiasts can visit the Coalface Gallery in Town Square to get acquainted with the local talent.

Wolfang Peak

Moranbah’s central location allows visitors to explore other attractions in the region, including Wolfang Peak. Situated within the Peak Range National Park, Wolfang Peak is one of many volcanic plugs in the Range, standing at 572 meters. The climb to the summit takes approximately an hour.