Whale Watching

Enjoy Whale Watching in Trincomalee

During your stay in Sri Lanka, head to the eastern part of the country where you find the magical destination- Trincomalee. It offers plenty of whale watching opportunities throughout the year.

The best time to schedule your tour

They say the best time to schedule a whale watching tour in Trincomalee is from May to October. During this time, you may spot dolphins too.

Types of whales to spot in Trincomalee

humpback whale
humpback whale |Image via Flickr

Did you know that out of the 80 species of whales that the world has so far, 26 can be spotted around the Sri Lankan waters? While blue whales are the most popular, there are also other species such as the sperm whale, killer whale, fin whale, humpback whale, and Bryde’s whale.

Getting prepared for the experience

Generally, a whale watching tour goes on for 4 hours. So, make sure you are well-prepared for the experience. Take seasick pills before you go, and make sure you take your sunglasses and hats with you too.

Holidaying in Trincomalee

Since there are many great resorts in Trincomalee the likes of Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, you are sure to find world-class accommodation venues for your holiday to be spent here.