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Desert driving tips in Qatar

Everyone loves a good old drive at some point, especially when you need a brief getaway from the monotony of your daily life. Be it a drive around the city or in the mountains, just go for it if it makes you feel any better. A drive in the desert too can be quite enjoyable as long as you know just what to do. Here are a few tips.

Image credit-Pixabay,1097830 ,CC0

Drinkable liquid

Since the desert is dry and humid, you are bound to get dehydrated. Therefore, remember to take along plenty of water along with a few energy drinks and fresh juices to keep you at your optimum.

Fuel reserves

Being stuck in the middle of the desert with nothing but seas of sand in sight could be quite scary and less enjoyable than the experience was meant to be. So, it is important that you keep the gas tank full and have some spare as well.


These storms are to be expected when driving in the desert, it can be inconvenient but, all you can do is be prepared! The safest thing to do if you do encounter one is to stay put inside your vehicle with the seatbelt on.

Tire checks

Before you head out, check your tires thoroughly and make sure they are in tip-top condition before heading into the desert. It would help to have a spare wheel as well if possible.

Other information

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