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Best things to do in Cuba Street in the heart of Wellington

Cuba Street is known to be a lively place always bustling with people going to restaurants, shopping and simply hanging around with friends or family. you can think of the place as a massive mall stretching from Webb Street to Wakefield.

People watch

So, what’s so interesting about watching the people here? In Wellington, you are allowed to be whatever you want to be and that’s why you’ll find people of diverse character here. The locals themselves are fascinating as you will find groups of dancers, painters and even tattoo artists at this place.

The gastronomy

Image by unserekleinemaus via pixabay

If you are a foodie looking for the best experience, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find cuisines from all parts of the globe here and some fusion dishes as well for an exciting twist to your food.


Since the place is quite close to Wellington hotels it is an easy option if you want to explore some nightlife. There are several bars and restaurants in the area serving some of the best ale and wines.


There are a few quirky shops if you would like to do some shopping. Hotels like Oaks Wellington Hotel often recommend this spot for the best brands and an overall good shopping experience.