Best Cycling Excursions In Kandy

When you are visiting the city of Kandy in the central hills of Sri Lanka, you might consider traversing it by bicycle. There is so much to explore in this city so let’s take a look at the best five tours for you.

Cycling | Img via Pxfuel

Along Colonial Footprint

Start outside the city and cycle in. Balana Pass is one of the most important royal outposts that managed to keep the colonial powers away from the Kandyan kingdom for centuries.

Tea by Bicycle

You could explore the tea estates that surround the Kandyan plateau while staying in hotels the likes of Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy. It is a hotel in Kandy, Sri Lanka that is surrounded by tea plantations and waterfalls.

Cycling in the Knuckles

The Knuckles Mountain Range called so due to its distinct shape is a great mountain to explore on a bike. But be aware that it can be quite strenuous.

Round the Kandy Lake

The easiest yet very picturesque ride is a bike ride around Kandy Lake. Made by the last king Sri Vickrama Rajasinghe, the lake is set right in the city centre and shrouded by gigantic trees.

The City by Night

The city empties in the evening and by night is very beautiful but starkly different from Kandy by day.