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Best Classical Gardens in Suzhou

Enter the world of classical China while you walk down paths surrounded by rich greens and the wonders of nature in Suzhou. Just a short distance away from the capital city, this small city holds many wonders of the past and the classical gardens are part of it.

Humble Administrator's Garden
Humble Administrator’s Garden | Image Credit : Another Believer, Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou, China (2015) – 14, CC BY-SA 4.0

Humble Administrator’s Garden

Unlike the name of this garden, it is the largest and most popular garden among the few here. While in the compound one will be able to see ponds that interlock with each other. Furthermore, the small delicate bridges add a sense of charm to the verdant backdrop.

Master of the Nets Garden

Although the smallest of the lot, this garden is quite unique and enchanting with a small pool in the middles surrounded by buildings. If you happen to be lodged close by in Suzhou apartments for rent, visit the garden for a refreshing stroll.

Great Wave Pavilion

Different from the previously mentioned gardens, this is one of the least crowded gardens to visit. The garden emits a peaceful vibe. Just 4.4km away from Somerset Emerald City Suzhou, this is a wonderful site to visit.

Lion Grove Garden

What makes this garden stand out from the rest is its collection of rocks in the shape of lions. Moreover, the garden also includes caves and tunnels. Certainly, the place for those adventurous travellers!

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