Discovering Fascinating Wildlife of Maldives

One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, the Maldives also has rich natural beauty and is home to a variety of wildlife species both on land and in the water. Those planning to explore this natural heritage can base themselves at a Maldives resort such as Cocoa Island Maldives. This Maldives luxury hotel offers such activities as diving which lets you observe the underwater species that inhabit the waters around the islands. Nearly 2,000 fish species can be found in these waters including Parrot Fish, Butterfly Fish, Blue Lined Snapper, Angel Fish and not forgetting Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. Hawksbill, leatherback and green turtles can also be seen here. While the islands themselves have only a few species such as a variety of gecko and the flying fox, over 180 bird species have been identified and bird watching enthusiasts have a chance to see Rose-Ringed Parakeets, Grey Herons and Moorhens when on a visit.

Outdoor Adventures at the Knuckles Mountain Range!

Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, the Knuckles Mountain Range in Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Independent travellers wishing to drive to this mountainous region can make use of Sri Lanka car rental services such as those offered by Malkey Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd. This reputed Sri Lanka car hire company provides a range of well maintained vehicles to choose from for your travels. An ideal place for camping and trekking, the Knuckles Mountain Range is so named because when viewed from a far, it resembles knuckles of a fist. As you wander through the lush forests, shrouded with mist you will come across a diverse cross section of flora amidst pristine landscapes with waterfalls, small villages and rivers. It offers a true escape into nature and lets you get away from it all!

Pasadena Walking Tours

Pasadena, a city in Los Angeles, California, is a vibrant and exciting tourist destination. Known for hosting the Tournament of the Roses Parade as well as the Rose Bowl Football Game, it is one of the most dynamic cultural hubs in the San Gabriel Valley. It is also famous for its developments in performing arts and literature, its iconic museum and galleries, stunning historic parks and estates, and many other exciting attractions.

Thus, Pasadena is a city with several iconic sights and landmarks which are intriguing and insightful. There are many ways to plan your trip around the landmarks of the city, but one the healthiest and fun ways to cover the attractions here is by taking part in one of Pasadena’s many walking tours. The walking tours of Pasadena are a great way to discover the rich culture and history upon which the city is built.

With the global trend of ‘going green’ spreading around the world, most tourists now opt for the cost efficient, and quite healthy, form of exploring a city; which are walking tours. There are several popular tours organized by various city tour groups, which cover all the beautiful, historic and cultural attractions and landmarks of the city. These tours are much more fun and lively than any other tour, as it takes you on a complete guided tour of Pasadena’s most famous landmarks while giving you the opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and different opinions.

The Walking Tour of Historic Old Pasadena is a 60 minute walk past some of Pasadena’s oldest and historic buildings, and 19th century structures including the old Sante Fe Station, Central Park, and historic Chamber of Commerce Building. There are several other tours through Pasadena’s Public Art Collection, scientific institutions, parks and estates, several architectural masterpieces, making these walking tours one of the best ways to explore the city. Thus, for a fun filled adventure, embark on exciting and insightful walking tours.

Those in search of luxury 5 star hotels in the city can stay at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena, which belongs to one of the most exclusive and legendary hospitality groups, Langham Hotels. With over 25 hotels in several popular tourist destinations across the globe, it has a luxury hotels collection which is reputed for warm hospitality and excellent service. The group also has a reputation in providing a range of luxury amenities and conveniences, which are sure to offer you a truly memorable experience.


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