Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey

When it concerns the United Arab Emirates, the metropolitan madness of Dubai takes centre stage, and is immediately recognised as being the major city within this Arab nation. The capital city, Abu Dhabi has retained a lot of the traditional roots of the Middle-East. The capital city contains many attractions that will enable you to discover the UAE’s amazing past. One such attraction is the Pearl Diving Adventure that is sure to be mentioned by any of the 5 star hotels, Abu Dhabi has to offer such as Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara.

The United Arab Emirates has a rich history of Pearl Diving, especially in regions such as Ras Al Khaimah, which was interestingly the original site of Abu Dhabi, before the population migrated to where Abu Dhabi is now.

When embarking on the Pearl Diving adventure, the travellers board a traditional boat known as a Jalboot, which is a very sleek vessel that is known to be one of the swiftest of her kind due to her sleekness and a particularly sharp front end.

Along the way you will pass many mangrove forests, which is an incredibly rich ecosystem that plays refuge to a variety of wild-life such as herons, egrets and flamingos.

During the journey, you will gain an extensive knowledge of pearl diving, through expert lectures and a practical demonstration. You will also learn survival techniques that were used by crews to live at sea for months on end. Towards the end, a session on the art of opening oysters will be conducted, and travellers will be given a pearl to keep as a souvenir of their adventure.

The next time you’re in the United Arab Emirates, think about embarking on an adventure like no other.

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