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A Travel Guide to Suzhou

China is an ancient civilization that has managed to preserve much of its history even to date. One of these preserved age-old cities situated a short distance away from Shanghai is the skilfully landscaped Suzhou.

Gardens in Suzhou
Gardens in Suzhou | image Credit : SteFou! from Lübeck, Germany, Suzhou-classical-garden-corner-1, CC BY 2.0

Classic Gardens

The beautiful city of Suzhou has famed the world over with its amazing classic garden collection. There are approximately 60 gardens in the area of which 9 have been recognised as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Water Towns

The brilliance of archaic China is still evident in the marvellous water towns in Suzhou. Water from various rivers and canals flow across the towns. One may come across short bridges, interconnected streets and so on bringing out a nostalgic feel to the surrounding.

Kun Opera

Being one of the oldest forms of opera in the world, the Kun Opera combines the perfect mix of rich literature, traditional dance and ancient tunes to bring together a masterpiece! For this, the opera was deemed Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001. The best place to watch the Opera would be at Suzhou Opera Museum a short distance away from Ascott Midtown Suzhou.

Travel & lodging

If you are planning on visiting Suzhou, many a Suzhou serviced apartment have come up and are readily available for accommodation. As for travel, since the city is located close to the capital, there are trains running from Shanghai to Suzhou.

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