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A Thrilling Kithulgala Adventure Experience

If you are an adrenaline junkie or are just looking for a thrilling outdoor adventure, then make visiting Kithulgala in Sri Lanka a top priority! From white water rafting to abseiling down a waterfall there is plenty of action-packed excitement to look forward to.

Kithulgala Adventure| Img by:  Nature Odyssey

White Water Rafting

The Kelani River has made Kithulgala the most popular place in Sri Lanka for white water rafting. Local tour specialists the likes of Nature Odyssey give you a chance to enjoy grade 2 and 3 rapids which have some rather unusual names for certain areas; Butter Crunch, Rib Cage, Killer Fall and Head Chopper are a few. Don’t be put off by their names though, it really is a lot of fun!

Waterfall Abseiling

A quintessential part of the Kithulgala adventure experience, abseiling down a waterfall is a pure adrenaline rush that lets you truly be “one” with the cascading water. Reputed operators ensure safety comes first as you make your way down the rock face, which sometimes can be over 100 feet high.

Confidence Jumps

Also called a waterfall jump, this activity involves jumping down from a height to natural pools below. The jump-off point can be at varying heights depending on where you are taken; greater heights require greater confidence in yourself! Do make sure to choose experienced excursion providers who follow proper safety measures.

Rainforest Walks

For a land-based adventure in Kithulgala, travellers can embark on a trek through pristine rainforest areas. On your journey, you will encounter picturesque waterfalls and streams along with wildlife including colourful bird species.


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