Migrant Birds in Sri Lanka – Adding Vibrancy to Sri Lankan Avifauna

If you are thinking of a tropical destination to visit in the South Asian region, look no further than the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Located just south of the Indian peninsula, the island of Sri Lanka is one of South Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. This is due to the fact that Sri Lanka boasts a rich heritage of over 2500 years, a vibrant culture, stunning beaches, many recreational attractions, and exciting wildlife and bird watching locations. Visitors who want to explore the wildlife and forests of Sri Lanka can make a reservation with Mahoora Tented Safari Camps; a great way to accommodate yourself while on bird watching tours Sri Lanka has to offer.

Sri Lanka, being a tropical country with a warm temperature throughout the entire year, is a fertile ground of various species of avifauna. It is for this reason that Sri Lanka has become one of the main stops for migratory flocks of birds in the region. During the peak of the migratory season, Sri Lanka is visited by many exotic species of birds, thus making Sri Lanka a prime destination of bird-watching enthusiasts.

The migratory season of Sri Lanka spans from August through March, and includes both summer and winter migratory birds. During this season it is estimated that at least 103 different species of avifauna regularly enter the forests and national parks of Sri Lanka. In addition to this at least another 100 migratory and nomadic birds visit Sri Lanka on rare occasions. Interestingly, during the summer migration only the Pink Tern visits Sri Lanka, whereas all the other species that migrate to Sri Lanka do so during the winter season. Among the migratory birds that one can witness in Sri Lanka are the Sandpipers, Philippine Shrikes, Dalmatian Pelicans, Black Storks, Great White Pelicans, Little Grebes, and many other exotic birds. The best time to go bird-watching is during the start of the season, when the birds are tired from their long flights and tend to stay together and move slowly.

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