Exciting experiences in Bangkok – An unusual twist of Bangkok adventure

We all know that Bangkok is one of the ultimate tourist destinations! Why? Of course, it’s an amazing city with all kinds of attractions and that includes the weird ones too! Here are some queer places to visit in this city that will ensure that you leave taking back fun memories of the awesome time you had;

Image by 12019 via Pixabay

A glimpse at death
Siriraj Medical Museum, otherwise known as the Museum of Death is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places to visit in the city of Bangkok! It is not a typical tourist destination; however, there certainly is a gruesomely welcoming vibe about it. There are illustrations of dissected bodies with detailed explanations. What’s more, in the Forensics area is a mummified body of the first serial killer who terrified Thailand!

Furry hang out spots
If you are the traveller who is a pet lover, then you are in luck! In this city, you will find places like Caturday Cat Café and True Love Café that give you the pleasure of having a meal and a cuppa with friendly cats and dogs just waiting for a dose of petting from you! You could even bring along a pet, there are special treats for you and your furry friends too after all!

An airplane graveyard
Once soaring cross the skies with hundreds of passengers on board is now a collection of measly shells that lie in the airplane graveyard in Bangkok. The graffiti-stained rotting planes are now a shelter for 3 families. It certainly is adventurous to examine these remains of old airliners.

Blind dining
Experience what it is like to dine while your sight is taken away. This café was initiated to help others experience how the visually impaired people have their meals. You can be sure to have a flavourful experience even without sight as the rest of your senses will be heightened at this point. If you are on a cruise in Bangkok, perhaps with agents like Manohra Cruises, do stop by at Dine in the Dark.

Khlong Toei
Khlong Toei is a part of Bangkok that is filled with slums and has not adapted much compared to the metropolitan façade that the city puts up. Fresh groceries and meats can be found here for cheap prices too!


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