Zipline Canopy Adventures in Chiang Mai – ‘One of a kind’ adrenaline rush in all of Asia

Chiang Mai is possibly the largest and most culturally noteworthy city in Northern Thailand. It is the capital city of the region. It is located about 700km from Bangkok, and is packed with rainforests, hilltops and ancient monasteries, making it one of the popular destinations in the country.

When travelling to Northern Thailand, of the variety of hotels in Chiang Mai, consider staying at the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa, to be placed close to the city’s attractions.

Besides its cultural heritage, Chiang Mai is renowned for its zipline canopy adventures. Connecting the tall treetops of the mysterious Mae Takhrai Park is the multi award winning Chiang Mai zipline canopy adventure tour. Named the “Flight of the Gibbons”, on this adventure, you get to experience the adrenaline rush induced by covering over 7km of ziplines. Asia’s longest single ‘flight’ (800m) is a key highlight here, offering travellers amazing views of the Mae Taeng River. Of the 33 stations, some reach over 70m from ground level, giving you the ultimate thrill as you soar through observing gibbons and other wild creatures in their natural habitats.

Just outside the city centre is the Chiang Mai Eagle track zipline that is located between three hill tribe villages. With over 35 platforms and 16 ziplines, the Eagle Track is very popular among thrill-seekers.

Zipline tours usually cost between 1,500 to 4,000 Thailand Bhats, depending on the intensity of the adventure and when you book them. The best part is these adventures also include visits to tribal villages. To make the adventure a more rounded one, you can even include options such as white water rafting, cycling, kayaking and rock climbing.

These adventures are all conducted without hindrance to the forestry, thus making them eco-friendly and sustainable.

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White Water Rafting in Chiang Mai – splashy fun and dangerous thrills

Chiang Mai is located in northern Thailand and is a mountainous region with the added beauty of untamed rivers. It undoubtedlypossesses splendor and charm but more importantly it facilitates adventures of all kinds, predominantly white water rafting. Hotels in Chiang Mai are aplenty, but Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa is heads above the rest. It captures the beauty of the old city and the picturesque landscape while also making it so much easier to hop into a raft for some fun on the snake-like rivers of Chiang Mai.

Plan your visit intelligently. The best months to go white water rafting in this area would be from March to July. When the rains pour mercilessly from August to October the waters become more menacing. It would be best to give priority to the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

You would hardly need to plan your adventure if you visit Siam River Adventures. Co, Ltd. Taking you down the rivers Mae Taeng, Mae Kok and Nam Wa, be ready to be pushed around and to take treacherous turns. The trees by the rivers watch eagerly as you push your way through, but make it a point to stare back, as nature would reveal itself in a multitude of ways on your expedition.

On full moon nights, as the light of the moon stretches across the waters and the trees seem eerily still, you can plan an adventure. Siam River Adventures prepares to exhaust and energize your being throughout the day. Once you plan your excursion on a day of the full moon, you would have to whitewater raft throughout the day and late into the night. Just when you think it would be too tiring, it’s best to add thatthe adventure includes a buffet of healthy Thai delicacies, a private jungle camp and a warming riverside bonfire. These elements certainly complete the package and lure you to the waters and the surprises in store.

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Need an Adrenaline Rush? – X-Centre in Chiang Mai

A city which is of great cultural value in Thailand is the historic city of Chiang Mai. Home to some of Thailand’s most historic and culturally significant landmarks, Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. With its many historic and religious monuments, rich culture & heritage, and unique tourist attractions, it is without a doubt that Chiang Mai is anything short of exciting and fascinating. A Chiang Mai hotel which offers warm hospitality to enhance the Chiang Mai experience is Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa.

Amidst the backdrop of the culture and serenity of Chiang Mai is an extreme adventure centre that is sure to give you brain-numbing adrenaline rushes and heart-stopping excitement! The X-Centre is Chiang Mai’s own adrenaline-pumping adventure park which is home to a host of attractions and activities that are thrilling and exciting. Located in the Mae Rim District of Chiang Mai, the X-Centre is gaining immense popularity among both locals and tourists, and is currently one of the hottest attractions in the city.

Established in 2005, the X-Centre is the place to be in Chiang Mai if you want an adrenaline rush or get involved in some adventurous activity. The main attraction at the X-Centre is the Bungy Jump, where you can take a leap off a 50m high platform which is a sure way of getting an adrenaline rush you will never forget! The Xorb Ball is another great attraction, as it involves being put inside a 3.3m wide inflatable ball and rolled down a steep and dizzying slope for over 100m! Apart from these thrilling attractions, one can also ride Trailer Bikes, Off-Road Buggies, ATV’s and Go-Karts, along the many trails and roads of the X-Centre. Another great highlight of the X-Centre is its paintball facility. Aptly named ‘the Paintball War Zone’, this large facility includes bunkers, trenches, and natural jungle cover, offering you the best setting for a paintballing experience of a life-time.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.