Snorkelling in the Western Coast Sri Lanka – Enjoy Calm Waters from November to April


The island of Sri Lanka, nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean is known by a number of epithets. Fondly called the ‘Resplendent Isle’, the ‘Small Miracle’, and ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and so on, these epithets embody the essence of Sri Lanka. When in Sri Lanka, the diversity of experiences that can be had is immense and depending on whether you vacation on the coastal belt or the central highlands, everything from the climate to the sights and sceneries will change. Therefore, those who wish to engage in water sports or snorkelling in Sri Lanka should certainly endeavour to reside in the vicinity of the beach.
Whereas the Eastern coastal belt is considered by many to be pristine, untouched and home to immense natural beauty, those who wish to reside closer to the capital of the island should opt for accommodation on the Western coastal belt. While a Mount Lavinia hotel would certainly allow tourists to transit from the International Airport to their holiday accommodation in a fairly short period of time, a much better experience awaits those who opt to snorkel away from Colombo. This should not however discourage travellers from choosing to explore the wonders of the marine world on the Western coastal belt, for this area boasts a number of stunning diving sites. Some of these include Hikkaduwa, a coastal town with a thriving nightlife, Weligama and Kirinda as well.
However, the time of year during which one visits the island is an important factor to consider when going snorkelling in Sri Lanka. This is because of the monsoon seasons that affect the Eastern and Western belts differently. When visiting Sri Lanka from November to April, snorkelling on the West Coast is a splendid option for the waters are at their calmest during this time.





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