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Chime-Long Paradise – Up, up and away into adventure!
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Brimming with world-class entertainment and a bustling and thriving cultural scene is the lively metropolis of Guangzhou on China’s southern belt. It is the third-largest city in the nation and any visit here is best served by Guangzhou long stay accommodation for a true immersion experience into this city. The Springdale Serviced Residence Guangzhou is one of the finest options for Guangzhou serviced apartments in the city, and its luxury interiors and central location make it the ideal locus from which to explore Guangzhou’s delights. Take the whole family on a fun day out to Chime-Long Paradise, billed as a world-famous amusement park boasting 60 hectares’ worth of more than 60 attractions that see a daily count of 50,000 visitors. Its most famous attraction is the 10 inversion roller coaster, which chares the number of most inversions in the world with that of the Colossus in Thorpe Park, Surrey, England.

This impressive coaster reaches a height of 200 feet and reaches a lightning speed of 65 miles per hour for the most amazing rush of chills and thrills. Experience other thrilling rides such as the half-pipe, which is Asia’s only U-shaped coaster ride, and the superior large pendulum ride, which spins 240 degrees whilst shooting up 42 metres in height at a thrilling speed of 110 miles per hour. You might want to skip lunch prior to this one. A ride that is a little more sedate is the Flying Horse Roller Coaster, which is perfect for the young crowd, the queasy eaters and grandma and grandpa. Teens and action junkies will enjoy the exciting visuals of the stunt show Countdown, featuring a live-action stunt battle complete with real effects to chronicle the age-old fight for justice. A hilarious cultural experience is the North American Lumbering Burlesque show, which pokes fun at the world of the American West, featuring cowboys, lumber jacks and little bo peep-esque “painted ladies” for a fun burlesque spoof for Chinese audiences. Offering a fun day out for the whole family, Chime-Long Paradise will transport you far and away into adventure!

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