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Visiting a rainforest- a practical guide – A unique nature experience
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If you’ve never thought of going to a rainforest, you should! These unique biomes burst with bright flashes of colour and busy buzz. Know these tips before visiting a rainforest.


Staying true to its name, ‘tropical’ rainforests are both humid and warm. For instance, when you are not under the protective canopy the sun can be quite strong. Generally, tropical rainforests receive plenty of rainfall with different air circulation patterns.


Needless to say, rainforests are tremendously rich in wildlife. Majority of these animals live in the forest canopy and animal life is subtle and fleeting. If you stay at a Sinharaja eco lodge in Sri Lanka the likes of The Rainforest Ecolodge, you’ll be able to witness diverse species of exotic animal life here. A good guide can make you experience an educational and fascinating journey.


More than two-thirds of plant species in the world can be found in tropical rainforests. Once you enter a rainforest, you will notice that most of its trees grow closely spaced and straight up into the high canopy. Although you may find fallen flowers on the forest floor, you will not see many flowers in most of the rainforests.

Be observant!

Walking along a rainforest with an open mind will help you find differences between the rainforest ecosystem with that of a normal forest that you’ve seen. While walking make sure not to get entangled in vines or trip over roots.

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting. Google+

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