Uncover Leopard Trails on a Safari Tour of Yala

Travellers in search of well-situated hotels in Yala should look to The Secret Yala for all their accommodation needs. Offering guests a breathtaking base from which to explore Yala National Park this stylish rest offers modern luxuries in the heart of the wilderness.

Renowned as the most popular national park in the island Yala National Park is the second largest parkland of its kind in Sri Lanka. Spread out over 979km2 this sprawling enclosure is one of the country’s most coveted wildlife sanctuaries that were declared protected reserved as early as 1900. Located within 190 miles of the capital Colombo the vast expanse of forested landscapes is a hotbed of activity all year round as tourists and locals visit to explore its verdant confines and catch glimpses of its most famed inhabitants.
Well-known as a hub to witness the majestic Asian elephants and leopards, one of the must-have experiences on a tour of Yala is a safari excursion along its leopard trails. Available through a variety of tour operators leopard safaris in Yala are typically two day or 3 day excursions that also includes camping out within the wilderness at designated campsites. Equipped with modern necessities and comforts the camp sites offer cozy accommodation, with tour packages also including barbeque fare, traditional Sri Lankan meals and camp fires.

Setting off in the morning hours and then once more at the hour of dusk the leopard safaris offer once in a lifetime opportunities to witness one of the most fearsomely majestic big cats in the world. The male leopards of Yala National Park are known to be a confident group that often walks the leopard trails during various times of the day. Unfettered by the safari jeeps that scour the parkland all year long visitors will have plenty of opportunities to snap close range photographs of the creatures. Other highlights along the Yala leopard trails include spotting elephant herds, spotted deer, sloth bears and bird species the likes of Paradise Flycatchers, Blue-Tailed Bee-Eaters, Rose Starlings and Crested Hawk Eagles.


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Camping in Yala – Coming Closer to Nature

The combination of the best of land and sea makes Yala one of the most sought out tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The city of Yala is the location of the famous Yala National Park; a wild life sanctuary that is known for its highest leopard concentration in the entire world. No one leaves Yala without desperately desiring to spot a leopard but that unfortunately, is not always easily. When you begin your wild life excursion on a safari jeep into this national park, you will likely come across an array of different exotic species; even elephants are found here in plenty. But its leopards however, are usually hidden and require a little bit of planning in order to be spotted.

It is perhaps this desperate desire to spot these ferocious creatures that makes camping so popular in Yala. One of the factors that increase the chances of spotting a leopard is choosing the right time in the day to begin the leopard hunt. Since leopards are nocturnal and will most likely go to sleep once the sun comes up, experts believe that the best time to spot a leopard is just before sunrise. To be up and about and into the national park by this hour, it is pivotal to choose a hotel by the side of the Yala National Park. The Secret Hotels have recently opened a branch in Yala which is not only located at almost the entrance of the park but also offers luxury camping services as well.

Camping with the Secrets Yala is an experience truly worth indulging in. With picture perfect stretches of land that boasts a roaring beach on one side and an exciting wild life park on the other, one can never be more closer to the best of nature. While you indulge in this raw and authentic camping experience, rest assured that your safety and comforts are well taken care of. This is indeed the finest version of camping there is.

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