Guide to Whale Watching in Mirissa – A Thrilling Experience for the Whole Family

Mirissa is one of the most popular coastal locales in Sri Lanka, and in addition to offering beautiful beaches with powdery sands and turquoise waters, it is has a significant whale population.

Overnight stay at Cape Weligama & Weligama

Image Credit – Walkers Tours

International Grade Operations

Pretty much all the providers of whale-watching expeditions operate under very strict guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of the marine titans. Among many things they refrain from venturing unnecessarily close to the whales, and they never interfere with the creature’s course.

The Vessels

The whale-watching boats are generally large vessels with a capacity of at least forty people. The ones run by the military are even bigger, and can hold more than a hundred passengers. The price is also generally inclusive of insurance relating to the boat and its passengers respectively.

Procuring a Tour

A whale-watching adventure should definitely be a priority when it comes to things to do in Sri Lanka. You can easily procure a whale-watching expedition from many travel providers such as Walkers Tours.

Whale-Watching Season

The optimal time to go whale-watching is from November to April, where there’s a very high number of whales and the seas are also quite calm. Although there will be whales from May to October as well, the seasons tend to be quite rough and the voyage is not recommended.

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Whale Watching in Mirissa -Have a Whale of a Time!

At up to 29.9 metres in length, the Blue Whale is said to be the largest animal to have ever existed in the world. Seeing these magnificent creatures is a must at least once in a lifetime. So head over to Mirissa in Sri Lanka, and feast your eyes on this glorious beast!


Mirissa | Image Credit: Surf Forecast

Mirissa | Image Credit: Surf Forecast

The coastal hamlet of Mirissa is tucked away in the south of Sri Lanka, in the Matara District. It’s close to three hours away from the Bandaranaike International Airport so you will have to come prepared to stay in Mirissa. Accommodation won’t be a problem as there are plenty of options ranging from budget hotels and hostels like those by Yoho Bed to even luxury resorts should you want to splurge a bit.


Whale Watching | Image Credit: Do Packup

Whale Watching | Image Credit: Go Packup

There are quite a number of whale watching tours available in Mirissa but do your research first, read up on reviews and find out what is best, because it’s very important that you go with a trusted service provider in order to avoid any scams or worst, accidents. The most trusted option would be to go with the Sri Lanka Navy, they offer tours that cost US$ 60 for foreigners (US$ 30 for kids). A typical tour would last for up to 4 hours.

What to Take?

Whale Watching Mirissa | Image Courtesy: Southern Whale

Whale Watching Mirissa | Image Courtesy: Southern Whale

Sunscreen! Make sure to apply it way before you set out. And take care to also take a hat and some sunnies. Since you’re gonna be stuck on the boat for four hours at sea, best to pack a few snacks too. Some tour agencies offer this as part of the package but it’s always best to take some food of your own. And most importantly, if you’re prone to be sick at sea be sure to take medication for it.

And Finally, What You’re Going to See!

Blue Whales

Blue Whales | Image Courtesy : Steuart Holidays

Blue Whales | Image Courtesy : Steuart Holidays

It’s said that the waters around Mirissa are rich in plankton, a kind of micro-organisms which the whales feed on. Because of this, marine biologists believe that there is a resident population of blue whales resulting in constant sightings, especially during the peak season between November to April.

Sperm Whales

Sperm Whales Mirissa | Image Courtesy:

Sperm Whales Mirissa | Image Courtesy: Blue Whale Mirissa


Dolphins in Mirissa | Image Courtesy : Lanka Leisure Travel

Dolphins in Mirissa | Image Courtesy : Lanka Leisure Travel

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Whale Watching in Mirissa – Whale Watching Paradise

Referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean due to its shape, Sri Lanka however a treasure because of the unlimited amount of resources is truly available within it. Showered with endless blessings the island is often referred to as the paradise island. The ocean around the island is a habitat for a wide variety of marine life. Whale watching in Mirissa has become a hot spot among many tourists to catch a glimpse of some of the rarest sites of these breath taking creatures of the ocean.

All around the island one could find number of beaches, however some of the very first resort destinations were born in the South. Since then the region has been famous among tourist. Abandon accommodation options are available here. A popular choice among visitors has been Cantaloupe Levels. Having a total of 9 rooms this boutique hotel offers some of the great panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. The location of the hotel is ideal to explore the towns around it such as Unawatuna , Hikkaduwa, Galle and Mirissa among others.

Mirissa in the South of the country is regarded as the paradise for Whale watching in Sri Lanka. The season for Whale watching starts in November and April. Just before and after the season given the seas are calm and warm there still maybe a chance to witness these sea giants put on a show. Some of the species of whales that can be spotted in and around the Oceans of Mirissa is Blue whale, Bryde Whale, Sperm Whales, Fin Whales and sometimes Killer Whales. On these tours one can also spot fish such as Blue Fin Tuna, Flying fish and Sea Turtles.

There are various tour operators offering various packages and there are sometimes hotel operated tours as well. The ideal time to go into the ocean would be the early hours of the morning.

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