West Coast Beaches of Sri Lanka – Island Treasures

Bejewelled waters surround the isle of Sri Lanka. However, the waters and sands in the coasts of Sri Lanka differ vastly from each other. You would find calm waters and soft sands in certain parts of the island while also encountering treacherous waves and rough, grainy sands. Nevertheless it is when you experience the rough and the calm that you realize your impressions of the land are well-rounded. The West Coast extends from Colombo and its main hub is Negombo, near the international airport. When journeying up the West Coast you will find some magnificent beaches, each displaying unique characteristics. You will undoubtedly also come across many Sri Lanka beach hotels, one of which is Amagi Beach Marawila. The hotel is strategically located, so that travellers can navigate the West Coast with ease while enjoying its beaches too. Here are some of the popular beaches along this idyllic stretch of shore

Negombo Beach is loved by all. The sands are relatively soft and the waves provide the right amount of force to make sure you have some safe fun. The sunsets are also equally remarkable, perfect for candle-lit dinners and long walks on the sands. Water sports such as snorkelling and the more adrenaline pumping kite-surfing can be enjoyed here too. The beach area in Negombo is home to many dining venues as well, serving up fresh seafood specialties.

For a quieter getaway you can head to the Marawila Beach. This sun kissed shoreline is not as crowded as Negombo and is an ideal place to soak up the sun as you work on that perfect holiday tan. On Your West Coast beach hopping adventures also make sure to visit other relatively secluded coastal stretches that can be found in Kalpitiya and Chilaw. Kalpitiya also offers the added advantage of giving you the option of embarking on fun dolphin and whale watching excursions.

Your search for beaches in the West Coast of Sri Lanka cannot end here. This is merely the beginning of your adventures!

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